QCQ Repair Moreno Valley, California

Every time your device starts giving you trouble like a broke screen, water damage, speaker not working, buttons not working, you struggle with finding a expert technician on to go who can help you any time and place you need. You have found your best  choice Quick Convenient Quality Repair! We have certified technicians ready to go to your house or work and repair your Iphone, Ipad, Samsung, computer or any other device to make it work and look like a new one. We can fix your device in less then 40 min, so it won't take long.


We are expert technicians by the name of QCQ repair, our work place California, Quality its embedded in our name so remember that we will give your device the repair it needs, so you can go and keep on the good work with no problems. At QCQ Repair, we do it fast and easy for your device and for you. Please give us a call, you wont regret.

QCQ Repair Moreno Valley, California

12562 Softwind Dr.

Moreno Valley 92553

(909) 640 4299


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